Remote Control
Tree Removal

The Surratt Services Copma knuckle boom crane with a Mecanil grapple saw: 100 feet of vertical reach, all remote controlled, enabling removal of trees in even the most challenging locations. 

State of the Art Equipment

For over fifty years, Copma cranes have been recognized for their technical superiority. Combining a Copma crane with a Mecanil grapple saw enables Surratt Services a degree of safety and control in tree removal that would be impossible through traditional methods. 

Copma Knuckle Boom and Mecanil Grapple Saw

Perhaps you've seen similar rigs on Ax Men or American Loggers. Now, that same state of the art equipment is centrally located in Illinois.

All manner of tree work

In addition to remote control work, we also do traditional rigging, climbing, bucket truck and man-lift work: whatever the job requires.
  • Sam Surratt and his crew have been indispensable in the care of our trees, often in difficult to reach locations. Whether they're climbing using sophisticated rigging or removing limbs via remote control, we're amazed at what they're able to accomplish. 
    David hernandez, wandawega lake resort
  • Trees that others wouldn't touch, Surratt Services was able to remove quickly, efficiently and affordably.
    Jack Fearneyhough, Homeowner
  • I wouldn't trust anyone else with my most challenging tree removals.
    KEvin Massie, Illinois Forestry Products

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Seeing the Surratt Services Copma Knuckle Boom with a Mecanil Grapple Saw in action is quite a sight to see. But don't just think of us for your "impossible" jobs. From clean up after storm damage and lightening strikes, or annual trimming of dead or diseased branches, all types of tree trimming is performed.

Remote Control

The Mecanil grapple saw is the safest and most efficient method for tree removal. Controlled from the ground via a remote control unit, the grapple saw eliminates the need for climbing, rigging and cutting by hand. 

Grapple Saw

A highly reliable piece of machinery, the features of the Mecanil grapple saw include: stability in both the felling and loading position, saw bar and grapple controls that are independent of each other, controls that enable tilting and rotating of the grapple saw to access hard-to-reach places, and complete wireless control.

Heavy Equipment

We own and operate all manner of heavy equipment from Bobcats, to skidloaders, bulldozers, augers, excavators, trailers, etc. As such, we can also help you with hauling: from heavy equipment, to vehicles, even horse transport. 

Overhead Work

With our assortment of cranes, bucket trucks, man-lifts, cherry pickers, industrial augers and other equipment, we can help with pole setting, truss setting, and all manner of overhead work.

Traditional Tree Removal

In addition to remote control tree removal, we can do traditional tree work via bucket truck, man-lift, and sophisticated rope rigging.

Stump Grinding

We also have state of the art stump grinding/removal capabilities.

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